Change the new parts for the car

Change the new parts of the car

Change the new parts of the car
Change the new parts of the car

  As one of the four major auto shows in China, the latest products of major auto companies will choose to release at the Shanghai Auto Show. Among these products, the configuration of parts and components is the key to promoting changes in the automobile, and it also shows the forward-looking trend of the development of the automobile industry.

V-shaped seamless integrated display

  Based on the flexible screen technology, foldable screen mobile phones have been launched, and large car screens will also benefit from this technology, bringing revolutionary changes.
  At this Shanghai Auto Show, Marelli brought a V-shaped seamless integrated display. It seamlessly integrates the dashboard and the large central control screen, abandons the traditional physical buttons, and achieves a better integration of the interior panel and the screen. In addition, the emergence of naked-eye 3D digital instruments also makes it easier for drivers to truly perceive the surrounding environment, and even provides more immersive navigation.

Miniaturized drive module

  The new BluE Nexus company established by Denso and Aisin Investment will develop and sell drive modules. The drive module is a product that packs the three key components that are indispensable in the drive of an electric vehicle, the motor, the inverter, and the integrated drive shaft, to realize the direct drive of the axle. The small drive module can realize high efficiency, high comfort driving feeling and miniaturized design at a lower cost. The 2-axis structure is used for miniaturization, and the A / T technology is used without destroying the EV feeling, achieving high speed and driving force the goal of. (Reporter Wu Pengliang’s intern reporter Wen Chong for photos / Yun Qiang)

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