Autonomous driving leads the future -Cars

Autonomous driving leads the future

Autonomous driving leads the future
Autonomous driving leads the future
At the Shanghai Auto Show, many car companies have tacitly applied the achievable L3 level autopilot technology to the new models that are officially on the market or about to be launched, and applied the L4 and L5 level autopilot technologies to new concept models.
  The new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be the first to introduce Mercedes-Benz Level 3 automatic driving technology, or it may allow the driver to let go completely. GAC Aion LX supports L3 level automatic driving function. Among the new forces, there is also the Xiaopeng P7 equipped with an automatic driving chip, which has L3 level automatic driving capability; the quasi-mass production model of the zero-running car is unveiled, which can realize the L3 level intelligent driving function.
  The new car represents the current stage of planning, while the concept car reflects the company’s thinking and forward-looking layout of the future car. Concept cars that support the L4 level of autonomous driving include Volkswagen ’s ID. ROOMZZ, Audi AI: ME, BMW Vision iNEXT, and Nissan IMs.
  In addition, L5 level autonomous driving technology is also rarely shown. Icona Nucleus concept car is equipped with L5 level autopilot capability, without steering wheel, acceleration / brake pedal, etc. The WEY-X concept car is equipped with an L5 level automatic driving system, advertised as “future car”.

Smarter and more humane travel in the future

  Shanghai Auto Show also attracted many technology companies and hardware and software suppliers to participate in the exhibition.
  By cooperating with 14 car companies including Mercedes-Benz, EXEED Starway, FAW Pentium, Ford, Great Wall Haval, etc., Baidu displayed more than ten models equipped with small car OS and core AI technology to provide more Humanized car service.
  The AI ​​cockpit of the Ali booth integrates technologies in the fields of voice control and intelligent interconnection. Alibaba released an AliOS-based mini-vehicle program, which can surround the driving scene and realize the intelligent scene service that is naturally connected before, during and after getting on the train.
  Tencent Auto Union announced that it has cooperated with 17 car companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Guangzhou Automobile, Changan, FAW, Geely, Dongfeng, Fiat Chrysler, and 45 models are landing. Tencent Auto Union can provide users with a digital experience of thousands of people, services, and multi-end interconnection.
  Huawei showed its technological achievements in intelligent interconnection, Huawei cloud, and vehicle-synergy collaboration industries. At the same time, Huawei focused on ICT technology to provide automotive-based computing platforms and intelligent driving subsystem solutions for automobiles based on mobile data centers.
  In addition, the Shanghai Auto Show also arranged for the first time the “Future Travel Exhibition Area”, including many well-known software and hardware suppliers including Bosch, ZF, Visteon, Valeo, Horizon, Hedo Technology, and Liangdao Intelligence, which were displayed on the car. Cutting-edge technologies and products in the subdivided fields such as networking, chips, driverless solutions, high-precision positioning and mapping, and lidar.
  The auto show has always been a vane representing the future development of automobiles. At this auto show, auto companies, technology companies, hardware and software suppliers are breaking through traditional boundaries, and jointly presenting new trends in the automotive industry with intelligent networking, autonomous driving, and user-friendly design upgrades.

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